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Welcome to Joe Sitt's New Fabulous Fun Coney Island!

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With Staten Island Chuck signaling an early start to spring this Groundhog Day, it'll be summertime before you know it. And a unique summertime thrill is exiting the subway station at Surf & Stillwell at Coney Island and taking in all the thrills of...this building? This is the first thing visitors to Brooklyn will face when arriving at Joe Sitt's new Coney Island. It looks like it's ready to rent to a few cell phone retailers and perhaps an H&R Block in time for April's tax prep deadline. As Tricia Vita of Coney Island blog Amusing the Zillion writes, "What’s the opposite of 'Ta Da'?" Did someone salvage the Surf Hotel sign before the previous buildings were destroyed? Maybe they could slap that on the facade and regain a little of that old Coney Island magic.
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