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Massive 834 Fifth Duplex Finally Gets Over Camera Shyness

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To be honest, we'd kinda forgotten about the picture-less listing for #3/#4C at 834 Fifth Avenue. After all, the floorplan alone was "Platonically perfect." At least one member of the Curbediverse has been keeping an eye on the listing, though. The pics are finally up, and, our tipster enthuses, "it was worth the wait!!!" The photos don't show off much, but there is a glimpse of the paneled library with "handsomely carved overdoors" and of the dining room. Not pictured: the attached staff apartment, the bedrooms, or the wine cellar. The listing calls this "the most important cooperative residence on the market today," though at $27.5 million, it's far from the most expensive.
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834 Fifth Avenue

834 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY