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Ghost-Pirate Realtor Haunts Apartments She Lists

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Alexis Gandelman, of brokerage firm New York Residence, has listed ten units in 20 West Street and one in 206 East 95th Street on Streeteasy. In what is already being described (by us) as the "creepiest adventure in marketing since Arlene's Awkward Plush Toy Staging," in eight of those eleven listings she has superimposed a translucent picture of herself with a parrot on her shoulder in the bottom right corner of each photo. This raises some questions.
1) Is Alexis Gandelman a pirate?
2) Is she a ghost who haunts the bottom right corners of the apartments she lists?
3) Is she both?
4) Does the parrot accompany her when she shows the apartments?
5) If so, does it ever let anything slip that it shouldn't have? ("Squawk. Gotta do something about the mold. Squaaaawk.")
?Jeremiah Budin
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