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Throwing Stones at Tavern on the Green's Glass Box

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Tavern on the Green has been greatly scaled back since closing in 2009, with a $10 million plan to reduce the Central Park restaurant to a size more fitting with its 19th century origins. The grand Crystal Room with its steel frame construction is gone, but plans for the Tavern 2.0 put a modern twist on a glass enclosure. A rendering shows the smaller restaurant with a glass box addition that would appear to accommodate year-round outdoor seating in Central Park, without having to be outside. The Historic Districts Council generally approves of the plan to adhere more closely to Jacob Wrey Mould's original design for the building, but is not thrilled with the Apple store-like addition. "With all of the important work that is going on, it seems antithetical to go and put a large glass box at the main entrance in the central courtyard." What do you think, readers? Is it a nice addition, or make the landmark look like Tavern on the Greenhouse?

[Correction: The initial version of this story stated it was the Landmark Preservation Commission's opinion that disapproved of the large glass box design. That was the Historic District Council's opinion as presented to the LPC.]
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