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Rental Scavenging in Second Ave. Subway's Construction Zone

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Few people live in New York City for the peace and quiet, but it takes a special breed of rental bargain hunter to endure living alongside the Second Avenue Subway construction corridor. That is where certain sections of Lenox Hill, the UES, Yorkville and Carnegie Hill have welcomed massive block-long structures named muck houses into their neighborhood, or feature traffic-snarling construction sites where heavy cranes drop their buckets deep below street level to retrieve dripping loads of gunk. But one man's maddening racket is another's market opportunity; when yelling "Knock it off!" means a few hundred dollars off the rent more than a plea to keep quiet. The Times profiled a few such people willing to put up with subway construction in exchange for more affordable housing, like a woman who got a studio rental on 72nd Street with a muck house out her window for $1,400 a month; and a 1BR (converted to 2BR by two sisters) overlooking an equipment storage site for $1,900 a month.

According to the most recent rental market report by MNS, Manhattan rents were unseasonably high in January, but here's what we found along Second Avenue.

Average Upper East Side 1BR: $2,562 / $3,466 (no doorman/doorman)

· 1827 2nd Avenue (at 95th Street), 1BR (convertible to 2BR) for $1,600/month

· 301 East 73rd Street, 1BR in doorman building for $2,495/month

· 300 East 88th Street, 1BR for $1,825/month

Average Upper East Side 2BR: $3,166 / $5,537 (no doorman/doorman)

· 1867 Second Ave. (at 96th Street), 2BR for $2200/month.

· 1692 Second Ave. (at 88th Street), 2BR for $2,600/month

· 1626 Second Ave. (at 84th Street), 2BR for $2,800/month

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