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Superior Ink Combo Chops Off a Unit, and a Few Million

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So much for the 14th floor at Superior Ink only being available as a package. It's also available as a slightly smaller package! If the $38.5 million listing for 14 A, B, and C is a bit too pricey, 14BC is now also available for $32.5 million. It looks like this portion of the combo, which includes "a beautiful new state of the art gym with natural light, a party room with separate kitchen, [and] screening room," has most of the fun stuff anyway. Is it worth the only slightly reduced price?
· Listing: 400 West 12th Street - Apt: 14BC [Corcoran]
· Full Floor at Superior Ink Wants to Break Records With $38.5M Ask [Curbed]

Superior Ink

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