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Harlem's The Ellison Returns to Market With Fresh Pricing

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A hush fell over Harlem's The Ellison after the 10-unit building received its certificate of occupancy in 2010. The project website still displays a sad "Account Suspended" message, but the building itself is back and ready for buyers again. The 10 units have returned to market, with Bond handling the sales this time around. There are nine 2BR, 2BA units and one 1BR penthouse, all sized between 820 square feet and 1,228 square feet. Pricing ranges from $535,000 to $740,000.
The building's been on and off the market for several years, and pricing has, um, fluctuated during that time. Most apartments appear to be asking less than they were in 2007 but more than they were in the most recent sales attempt last year. Here's a snapshot of past pricing (click to expand):

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