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Look Inside the $1.4 Billion Fulton Street Transit Center

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Images via MTA

New renderings of the Fulton Street Transit Center reveal a dramatic redesign of a downtown transit hub, or the world's most expensive food court. With the $1.4 billion project taking shape from the outside, the MTA released new renderings of the interior plans which show levels devoted to transit, dining, and retail. The design of a centrally located circular subway information subway kiosk appears inspired by the one in Grand Central Terminal, but also breaks a cardinal rule of subway station etiquette, i.e., never stop moving. The station will also have large digital screens and scrolling displays, according to DNAinfo, for straphangers who want to stay updated on schedule changes without breaking stride. The MTA is hoping that the Fulton Street Transit Center will become more than just a transit hub for commuters, but a work/shop/play destination for downtown residents, workers, and tourists.
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Fulton Center

Fulton Street and Broadway, New York, NY