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Lescaze Glass Brick Townhouse Stubbornly Clings to Price

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It's rare to come across a property more dedicated to a price point than the William Lescaze-designed townhouse at 32 East 74th Street. When the 6,800-square-foot property first came on the market, way back in October '07, the owner was asking $13.5M. Very briefly the price was chopped down to $12M before it sold. Then two years later it was back, with a $14M price tag and has stuck to that price since May 2010, bouncing on and off the market with various brokers without selling. Now, it's back on the market again, listed for that very same $14M. Apparently, the place has recently had its systems upgraded, but judging from the listing photos, not much has changed inside. The main selling point, the walls of glass brick that are Lascaze's signature, might be a turn-off to some buyers, as the material is so closely associated with the South Beach styles of the '70s and '80s.

· 32 East 74th Street [Streeteasy]