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MTA Wants Second Avenue Sleepovers to Check Night Noise

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The MTA can set up all the fancy noise-monitoring equipment it wants along Second Avenue, but to thoroughly investigate complaints of late night noise alongside the avenue's construction corridor it wants to send engineers to stay the night with complaining neighbors. The MTA has undertaken a number of noise-reducing plans that ironically may have added to residents' current woes. According to the Post, neighbors say that late night noise got worse after the MTA enacted its ban on blasting after 7 p.m., which forced necessary drilling and jackhammering later into the evening. Now residents are besides themselves with a racket they say shakes them right out of bed. But so far, none have accepted the MTA engineers' offer to crash at their homes for a night. Perhaps the MTA could set up its own group house apartment along Second Avenue and fill it with engineers, MTA suits, and construction workers. They could monitor late night noise, turn it into a reality show, and even catch a break on the rent.
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