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$33.5M Lawsuit-Scarred Plaza 'Attic' Finally Finds a Buyer

IB Times notices that PH2009 at the Plaza, the same apartment that sparked Andrei Vavilov's fraud lawsuit against the building's developers in 2008, has finally found a buyer. Vavilov originally agreed to pay $53.5 million for PH2009 and another one, but he found the apartments too "attic-like" for his liking and engaged in a fight by lawsuit with the building's developers. While Vavilov and the developers were thus occupied, the penthouse itself remained empty. It finally came back to market with a $37.5 million ask in April of last year. Then it got chopped to $33.5 million in October. We'll have to wait for the deal to hit public record to know what kind of price an attic with park views can get these days.

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