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Low Line Hits Kickstarter to Fund Delancey Underground

Architect James Ramsey and Dan Barasch set up a Kickstarter appeal to fund the development of their Delancey Underground project, aka the LowLine. Now that a successful small prototype of a sunlight irrigation system (which collects sunlight at street level, transmits it, and re-projects the light underground) is designed and tested, the LowLine guys want to build a mini-LowLine as a full-scale mockup of the technology inside the Essex Street Market. The goal is to convince the community, potential funders, the City, and the MTA that their idea for an underground park can work.

Per Kickstarter rules, the LowLine project needs to accrue its goal of $100,000 in donations by April 6 or they will collect nothing. There are a number of tiered gifts for donors, including having LowLine co-creator James Ramsey cook you dinner(!), which is the added premium between donating $5,000 and $10,000. Upside down cake for dessert?
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Delancey Street and Essex Street, New York, NY