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Buy an Apartment With Cathedral Views, Quietest Neighbors

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The brokerbabble for the 2BR/2BA condo at 262 Mott Street in the heart of Nolita really doesn't do it justice. "The 4 large western facing windows have open cathedral views from the common rooms and from the top-of-the-line kitchen." That's because the building is directly across the street from St. Patrick's Old Cathedral. Take a closer look at that view, however, and you see that it's more accurate to say that the building is directly across the street from the cemetery next to St. Patrick's Old Cathedral. Would staring out your large western facing windows into a graveyard eventually drive you into a state of morbid despair, or is a cemetery just a pleasant green space without the shrieking of playful children that you get with a park? [via sharp-eyed tipster Matt G.]
· 262 Mott Street, #2S [Town]

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Aerial Perspective: