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Williamsburg's Air Space Invader Picks Up Where it Left Off

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A tipster writes in with the news that construction has, at long last, started up again at 64 Bayard, where a condo building was slated to do some interesting things with air rights by rising up over a Richardson Street House. The progress is slight?things don't look much different than they did when we Google Street viewed the spot nearly a year ago?but it does look like something is happening. Permits called for a six-story, 52 unit building, and the original Karl Fischer design was switched out for something by GreenbergFarrow. We haven't been able to dig up a fresh rendering, but the old one's mindboggling enough.

Anyone know if the plans have changed? Intel to the tipline, if you please.
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64 Bayard Street

64 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY