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Decorating Inside One York: The No-Spill Zone

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After living above a pizzeria in Carroll Gardens with roommates for 15 years, Emily Stone wanted a more modern aesthetic for the $1.3 million 1BR she bought in Enrique Norten's One York building in Tribeca. Modern, but not chilly. Clean, but not sterile. She describes her former Brooklyn apartment to the Times as the type of place where no one got too worked up if a little red wine was spilled. The new Tribeca place, with its white rugs, white bed linens, and white chair, is not as spill friendly. "Now, no one is allowed in my bedroom with anything other than a clear liquid," Stone told the Times. Stone got her longtime friend Kajsa Krause to decorate the interior and warm up Norten's blank slate modernism, which Krause did by adding elements like a wool rug hand cut in a floral pattern and a headboard made of teak planks. We like the tiny Babar the Elephant throw pillow on the reading chair.
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One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013