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Designer's Bonkers Chelsea Apartment Returns to Market

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There's been a void in our lives ever since the craziest apartment in the Chelsea Mercantile, #12X, came off the market in August 2010. But the dark times are over, because the apartment is back! Last time around it was asking $22.45 million, and the price now is a very similar $22.5 million. Designer Christopher Hyland owns the place, and he intended it as a tribute to Greek Revival architecture, which means:

A stone-tiled vestibule greets you upon entry and ushers you in to the art gallery at the heart of the apartment.

Surrounding rooms include a breakfast room, gym, library with battlement bookcases, Doric column-flanked double drawing rooms, a Gothic kitchen of hand-carved oak, five full baths and a floor plan that can be configured into three to five bedrooms. 8-foot-high mahogany double doors and 10- to 12-foot ceilings allow for a spacious, open atmosphere that can quickly be transformed to cozy privacy. Hyland’s handpicked décor weaves in cultures from all over the world and features custom wall coverings, rugs and window treatments from his world-renowned textile collection.
Hyland originally planned to sell the apartment in order to start over with the design of another, and he told us he pulled it off the market because he hadn't found his ideal place yet. Maybe that's changed. This time around, Nest Seekers' Ryan Serhant is handling the listing along with Régis Roumila. So will it be the first apartment to appear on both Selling New York and Million Dollar Listing NY? (UPDATE: The Real Deal reports that the apartment will indeed appear on the show. UPDATE 2: We hear from Bravo via Nest Seekers that the apartment won't be appearing on the show, so that honor remains open for another listing to claim.)

While we ponder that, here's the floorplan:

· Listing: 252 7th Avenue [NestSeekers]
· Christopher Hyland coverage [Curbed]

Chelsea Mercantile

252 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY