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See A True Artist's Loft Used as Live/Work Space for 44 Years

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Painter Alex Katz awakens each morning and does 300 push-ups and 400 sit-ups; he is 84 years old. It's that sort of discipline that has allowed him to flourish for so long as a successful artist. His will to work is also something that makes his Soho home and workspace one and the same. Katz grew up in Queens and attended Cooper Union, but has lived in the same Soho loft for 44 years, since 1968. "It really was an industrial slum," he told Architectural Digest. "I paid for this place what one month's rent would be now." Right from the beginning, Katz cut skylights into the roof to allow more light to fill his studio, and he covered the floor in an acrylic sealant to stop the floor from oozing oil spilled during its earlier time as a machine shop. The large space allows Katz to engage in his large format art, while the continuity of splitting his time between living and working in the same Soho loft and a home in Maine gives him the security to explore his creative range.
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