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Should This South 'Burg Resident Be Expecting a Conversion?

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Occasionally we hear from Curbed readers with real estate or home-related questions that are troubling them. (Got a query? Direct it to the tipline, if you please.) Today, one such reader writes in about her South Williamsburg building, where her landlord's new and uncharacteristic interest in repairs is making her nervous:

My landlord, who is a nice enough guy but kind of does the minimum when it comes to maintenance, is having the entire building repainted and retiled. It's pretty cool of him, but now I think he's going to sell the building or go co-op or something. Our building is small, fully occupied, and in a not-yet-glam section of south Williamsburg. Do I need to start panicking? So, Curbediverse, help this reader out: does she have reason to worry?
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