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Did Martha Stewart Really Design This Scraggly UES Backyard?

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According to the brokerbabble for this three-bedroom duplex at 327 East 82nd Street, it boasts a "garden designed by Martha Stewart." Uh, what?! How, might we ask, did the grand doyenne of television-friendly decorating end up doing the garden for a run-of-the-mill Upper East Side apartment? And, though we hate to pass judgement on the work of the much-loved Martha, this effort is doing a disservice to her reputation. Moldy cinderblocks and ivy? Sounds like the inspiration might have come from her time in the federal pen...or, the broker is just telling a tall tale to try and move this $1.6M garden apartment, which, with three "master" bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,830 square feet, could probably do just fine without the celebrity hot air.
· 327 East 82nd Street [Streeteasy]