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Put On Your Naming Caps for Riverside TrumpLand

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Is it time for the strip of high rises along Riverside Boulevard to earn a neighborhood name of its own? The real estate corridor overlooking the Hudson River between 72nd Street and 59th Street is the sort of sui generis development that Donald Trump would envision?extending the Upper West Side beyond the boundary-named West End Avenue and on top of rail yards. Trump never got to build his record-setting 150 story building on the site and the property has changed hands a number of times as condo and rental towers have sprung up and the riverfront park along the Hudson has turned reliably green. And the strip continues to grow, with Extell fighting long and hard for approval to build its Riverside Center mega-development at the southern end of Riverside Boulevard, although it's rumored that land is for sale now that all the approval green lights have been given. Does this collection of developments merit its own neighborhood name? And if so, what would you call it?
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