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Unanimous: Community Board 2 Nixes NYU's Growth Plan

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NYU's plan to expand its Greenwich Village campus by adding a number of large buildings to the the super blocks between Laguardia Place and Mercer Street north of Houston Street was unanimously defeated in a vote by Community Board 2 last night. The largely symbolic vote came following a series of public meetings in recent weeks, including one preceding last night's vote, during which mostly opponents railed against the university's plan NYU 2031 in two minute intervals, according to The Epoch Times. Some residents expressed concerns that NYU's expansion would turn Greenwich Village into a 20-year construction zone, and add more students while subtracting daylight from the neighborhood. CB2's unanimous "NO" was an advisory vote and largely a symbolic victory for plan opponents. There are three more hurdles that will carry increasing weight on whether or not NYU will be able to execute its expansion plans: an advisory review by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's office, a review by the City Planning Commission, and finally a vote by the City Council. The City Council vote will be the deciding one on the matter.
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