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Bloomberg Critic's Signature Theater Review, in Free Verse

Bloomberg archicritic James S. Russell once again moves us to wax poetic, based on his review of Frank Gehry's Pershing Square Signature Theater complex. Russell finds all three theaters?Alice Griffin Jewel Box, Romulus Linney Courtyard, and the End Stage? a refreshing intermediary between the industrial grit of off-Broadway basements and Vegas review glamor palaces. We've turned his lyrical prose review into a free-verse poem.

Alice Griffin Jewel Box, as a scaled-down opera house,
tucked into the base of a behemoth;
199 seats arc in a cozy horseshoe,
yet there’s plenty of room for the actors to roam;

A stairway makes an angular pirouette
Playwrights’ giant painted likenesses preside genially from high walls

Into the Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre,
like a candy-colored construction site;
Artful disarray,
inspired by the look of the theater before it was finished;

Overlapping plywood panels, suggesting a dislocated jigsaw puzzle,
the side and back walls of the 299-seat End Stage theater;
Fade to a natural red as they go back,
blurring the boundary between stage and audience.
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