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The 10 Narrowest Residential Buildings in New York City

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We have a bit of an obsession with narrow homes, and though 75 1/2 Bedford Street, as the city's narrowest house, nabs most of the headlines, there are plenty of other skinny dwellings out there. The folks at PropertyShark sent along some data on the city's narrowest residential buildings, single- and multi-family. Here now, the top 10 list, from widest to skinniest.

10) Address: 355A Monroe Street, Brooklyn
Width: 12 feet
Square Footage: 1,980
The Skinny (heh): This is a two-family residence that was converted from a one-family, losing it some cool points. It last sold in 2007 for $556,500, and there was a lis pendens?the first step in the foreclosure process?filed on the property in 2009. So perhaps we'll be seeing it back on the market soon.

9) Address: 22 East 84th Street
Width: 12 feet
Square Footage: 2,588
The Skinny: This place last sold in 1999 for $1.05 million.

8) Address: 404 Greenwood Avenue, Brooklyn
Width: 12 feet
Square Footage: 2,556 square feet
The Skinny: This one's a three-family property that appears to have last sold in 1977 for an undetermined price.

7) Address: 1054 62nd Street, Brooklyn
Width: 12 feet
Square Footage: 2,880
The Skinny: This one's another three-family home, but with a more recent sales history: it traded hands in 2000, also for an undetermined price.

6) Address: 31 West 94th Street
Width: 12 feet
Square Footage: 4,309
The Skinny: This one's a co-op, and for anyone looking to try out the narrow life, it looks like units do occasionally come up for sale or rent. Apartment #2R sold in 2006 for $275,000. A 1BR was up for rent in 2007 asking $2,700/month.

5) Address: 261 West 93rd Street
Width: 11 feet
Square Footage: 4,734
The Skinny: This building, a walk-up, has seven apartments. It sold in 2011 for a surprisingly low $184,33.

4) Address: 481 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn
Width: 10.33 feet
Square Footage: 1,395
The Skinny: This narrow offering is a single-family building in Bed-Stuy.

3) Address: 58 Hunter Avenue, Staten Island
Width: 10 feet
Square Footage: 1,320
The Skinny: This single-family home filed a permit back in the '90s to legalize a swimming pool, which means it could have a backyard to rival the one at 75 1/2 Bedford.

2) Address: 83 South 6th Street
Width: 10 feet
Square Footage: 1,050
The Skinny: Somehow this c. 1920 building contains three apartments.

1) Address: 75 1/2 Bedford Street
Width: 9.5 feet
Square Footage: 999
The Skinny: Everyone's favorite narrow house, which also probably has the most illustrious pedigree on this list, is still on the market asking $3.95 million after a thorough renovation.
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Narrowest House

75 1/2 Bedford Street, New York, New York 10014