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Wall Street, One Percenters Ready to Occupy 'Peace Pentagon'

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The 'Peace Pentagon' at 339 Lafayette Street, where approximately a dozen social justice and peace organizations have office space in the three story building, may be converted to condos, according to DNAinfo. The A.J. Muste Institute, named after the pacifist and social justice advocate, purchased 339 Lafayette Street in 1978 from the War Resisters League, and rents the space out to a number of organizations, including the Granny Peace Brigade, the National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case, and the Socialist Party USA, that have made the address a hub of social justice activism in NYC.

The institute rents out ground floor space in the building to commercial tenants in order to provide space to activist organizations at below-market rates, freeing up resources for political activities. Per the institute's web site, "As the real estate market in New York City tightens, 339 Lafayette Street?affectionately known as the "Peace Pentagon"?remains a sanctuary for the movement." And like peace itself, such refuges are rarely lasting. Board chair Peter Muste said the institute is exploring a range of options, including developing the site itself; but if it sells 339 Lafayette, all the organizations that now call it home will have to leave.
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