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What Even Co-op Boards Can't Control: Google Street View

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In 2007 2011, the Google Street View car drove through the entirety of New York City (which seems silly because it's much easier to just take the subway), snapping pictures and immortalizing millions of little moments. Some of them were good moments. Some of them were not.

Because there's nothing we love more than needling rich folks, we've taken a virtual tour of some of New York's classiest residential buildings via Google Street View (84% as exhausting as actually walking through the neighborhoods on foot) in an effort to find the least flattering shots of the most flatter-worthy abodes.

This picture is beautiful. The hideous graffiti on that truck and the elderly gentleman hunched over what looks like the first air conditioner ever assembled offers the perfect contrast to 320 West End Avenue, which Streeteasy describes as "an established, highly regarded" prewar co-op.

The average unit in 949 Park Avenue sells for around $5,000,000. The building is going to be featured in the upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing and they had sushi at their open house. In short, they do everything possible to be seen as a very classy place. Unfortunately for them, on the day the Google van passed by they were a very classy construction site, so that's how they'll remain for all eternity.

Presumably, when Rosario Candela designed 1172 Park Avenue in 1926, it was part of his vision to have the building entered by a dude wearing camouflage cargo shorts.
?Jeremiah Budin
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949 Park Avenue

949 Park Avenue, New York, NY