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Tribeca's Marble House Returns to Market at Last for $20M

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Marble House is the unforgettable but troubled triplex within 60 Collister Street. The rest of the building has recently come back to life after a short sale, and that means the listing for Marble House has a second chance, too. The 9,079-square-foot condo was on the market once before, for an initial ask of $24.5 million that got chopped all the way down to $18.5 million. But the owner, designer and film producer Stuart Parr, was never able to complete his own deal in the building or his hoped-for flip, the Journal explains. This time around, he's settled for listing Marble House at a price in the middle of his original range: $20 million. As the name implies, the condo's kitchen sink is made from a single two-ton piece of Carrara marble. As the name does not imply, there's also a 45-foot private swimming pool.
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The Marble House

60 Collister Street, New York, NY