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Greenpoint: Hardworking Immigrants vs. Hipsters

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What better way to see the story of a neighborhood in flux than through the eyes of the foreign media, whose clear eyes offer a fresh perspective on a familiar scene. Take the BBC for example, where the Brits break down the story of dynamic Greenpoint, Brooklyn and tell the tale of hardworking illegal immigrants displaced by puzzling artist types, who wander the post-industrial landscape painting murals and emoting ennui at the cultural shift they've wrought. A Polish store owner credits his country's entry into the E.U. with the slowdown in arrivals by Poles to the neighborhood, giving hipsters an opportunity to take root. The BBC video ends on a positive note, however, hearing from an oblivious Vespa shop owner who must've missed the first segment on the hardworking immigrants, and skips right to the final chapter where the pioneering hipsters are displaced by the high-rolling creme de la creme of NYC society. "I actually think it's one of the great stories of New York."
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