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Williamsburg's Gretsch Too Cool to Disclose Exact Location

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Dog fights, lobby art, and film shoots may give Williamsburg's Gretsch Building some notoriety?but they don't help anyone actually find the place. And according to one Gretsch tipster, that's a problem. Our tipster writes:

For almost a year now we have had no numbers on the building anywhere that has our address?.The doormen have people wandering in asking if this is "60 Broadway". The doormen say it gets tiring. I have guests who have no idea about the address and dont know about the infamous Gretsch building and are calling me walking down Broadway saying they cant find a "60 Broadway"?.I know if there is a fire, I assume that would be a no brainer.
However, if one needs an ambulance, I am not sure if EMT will find us
unless we hang a distress flag out of our window and only if we are

facing Broadway will it be affective. Another Gretsch resident tells us the numbers on the building "apparently peeled off during a recent window cleaning," leaving only the numbers on the building's outdoor planters, not visible at night. But it appears the building might be on the way to a fix: the same resident sends along the photo at right, of the building's temporary new number. Hey, maybe if you can't identify the Gretsch, you just don't deserve to go in.
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Gretsch Building

60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY