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Proposal to Illuminate FiDi Draws Large Artistic Response

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A request for proposals to illuminate downtown buildings in dynamic light shows drew a very strong positive response from the artistic community, but has FiDi gone too far down the road to being a residential neighborhood for the proposals to fly? The NY Economic Development Council is offering $1 million for the best response to its RFP for a regular outdoor light show in FiDi, according to DNAinfo, and approximately 100 people showed up at a January meeting to learn more about it. Examples of such lighting displays are the Seeper collective's light mapping of Gehry's IAC building as part of the 2010 Vimeo Awards Festival and the exhibition Youtube Play, that projected videos onto the interior and exterior of the Guggenheim on Fifth Avenue.

The irony of the EDC's proposal is that it would have been a huge attention-draw to FiDi a decade ago, when the neighborhood was still reeling in its post-9/11-attack state. Now the area has bounced back so hard that it has transformed itself from a strictly deserted-at-night commercial district to a vibrant residential neighborhood, filled with people who might not want giant light displays beaming outside their condos' bedroom windows. DNAinfo talked to one resident of 15 Broad Street who was concerned that a projection onto the NYSE might keep children up at night or disturb family pets.

Amazing Building Mapping - Vimeo Festival from Dan Ilic on Vimeo.

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