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Tribeca's American Express Carriage House Finally Returns

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Apart from one listing late last year, the landmark American Express Carriage House building has been strangely silent. But behind the scenes, as it turns out, much was happening. The Real Deal reports that the building is officially back on the market. VE Equities?of 471 Washington Street and One North Moore fame?bought the building in a short sale last year, and the attorney general finally gave the thumbs-up to the unit sales this week. Six of the building's 15 apartments are now up for sale (with the rest to come once they're vacated, which should happen sometime within the next month). So what's different now from the building's first go-round on the market? The sales team has been "sprucing up" the apartments and the common areas. The prices so far: $3.5 million to $10 million, which seems in line with what the building was previously asking. A small handful of listing photos and sadly blurry floorplans in the gallery above.
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60 Collister Street

60 Collister Street, New York, NY