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'The Edge' Would Make a Great Spinoff Show for CW Stars

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One Tree Hill's James Lafferty is joining Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick at The Edge in Williamsburg. Lafferty is the star of the CW soap One Tree Hill, now in its ninth season, and purchased a 2BR/2BA unit in The Edge building on North 7th Street last week for $814,600. This the second boldfaced name from CW-soap land to settle into Williamsburg's gold coast. Westwick, who plays the very Upper East Side Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, found his way across the East River late last year. It's hard not to imagine a reality show spinoff of CW actors hanging around The Edge's pool and restaurant hopping through Williamsburg?we're thinking Kent Avenue Shore?and can't wait for the episode in which Westwick and Rafferty unsuccessfully try to convince Westwick's Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively to visit them in Brooklyn. But how is she supposed to get there?two trains, a water taxi, bridges crossed? It's all too much.
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The Edge

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