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Battery Park City's Liberty Luxe Penthouse Wants $29,500/Month

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Nearly a year ago we revealed to you the prices over at Liberty Green in Battery Park City. Prices for studios started at $3,195/month, 1BRs at $3,895/month, 2BRs at $6,150/month, and 3BRs at $8,500/month. To these prices a tipster chimed in with "I told them [the 2BR price] was ridiculous for the area. They replied something about condo finishes, yada, yada." The other half of the development, Liberty Luxe, just dropped a listing for its 2,700 square foot penthouse. And brace yourselves, because they want $29,500/month. Will anyone pay this kind of money to live in Battery Park City? Bueller?
· 200 North End Avenue PHA

Liberty Luxe

200 North End Ave., New York, NY