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Massive Non-Penthouse Unit at 170 EEA Is Asking $12.5M

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It's not a penthouse, but unit 6B at 170 East End Avenue can hold its own. With 5,156 square feet of interior space and 325 square feet of outdoor space, this 5 BR/7BA apartment is ready for an epic brood to move in. The asking price of $12,500,000 is just a couple million shy of some penthouse asks (and at least one has sold for considerably less.) The lack of listing photos makes it hard for us to conclusively make a judgment on this one. So, once more, we shall deliberate on floorplan alone. Either way, make sure to bring your legal counsel.
· Listing: 170 East End Avenue 6B

170 East End Ave

170 East End Ave, New York, NY