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Changing Kips Bay: Hear, See, Speak NoEVil

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A Kips Bay resident covetous of his neighboring neighborhoods' level of cachet, while protective of the relative value of his midtown East 'hood, proposed to the New York Times that Kips Bay be re-recognized as NoEVil [North East Village]. The letter to the Times, by Kips Bay local Frank M. of East 28th Street, reasoned that proximity to cooler neighborhoods warrants a name upgrade. The folks at Gothamist were dismissive of the plan, reminding Frank M. that there are lots of neighborhoods between the East Village and Kips Bay and recommending NoGram [North Gramercy]. We advise Frank M. and his fellow Turtle disdainers to look north for inspiration, and consider TurBaSo [Turtle Bay South] if they really insist on a change. What do you think? Any ideas for rebranding Kips Bay?
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