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Leveling Off Lispenard's Mismatched Pair

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Plans are afoot to level out a mismatched pair of 19th century buildings on Lispenard Street in Tribeca. 52 Lispenard is the shorter of the two buildings. Built in 1867-68, its top three floors were removed after sustaining damage in a fire in 1937. Now a developer wants to destroy the rest of the building and replace it with a seven story residential structure, housing seven individual units. That would make 52 Lispenard a story higher than its neighbor next door, so an addition would also be placed on the roof of 54 Lispenard to even them out. Although both of the buildings have sat next to each other since the 1860s, neither is landmarked, but the Historic Districts Council is objecting to the demolition of 52 and alteration of 54 Lispenard. The council feels that 52 Lispenard retains some significant architectural details that would change the character of the district if it were destroyed and replaced with a nondescript structure. [Correction: inclusion within the Tribeca East Historic District means both buildings are landmarked.]
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