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Jersey City Wants to Get High Line of Its Own

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The Harsimus Stem Embankment doesn't roll of the tongue the way the High Line does, but then, neither does Jersey City. Our neighbor to the west wants to build its own elevated park after seeing the success of the one on Manhattan's west side. Proponents want to turn the 27-foot-high, 100-foot-wide, 110-year-old stone and granite structure?more commonly as the Sixth Street Embankment?into an elevated park that is "equal to or better than New York's High Line," says Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy. The project has been mired in legal battles from its very start though, ever since Conrail sold the property to real estate investor Dan Hyman for $3 million in 2003. Hyman wanted to knock down the embankment and build housing on the rail corridor, but Jersey City sued Conrail for making the sale, and Hyman in turn sued the city. A settlement is finally in the works that would allow park planning to go forward, but it requires an acceptance vote from the City Council Wednesday and for Conrail to sign off on it. Mr. Hyman is ready to accept and walk away with $7 million after years of litigation.
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