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Checking in With Pearl Street's Gene Kaufman; 'Burg's Blandest New Building Fully Leased

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Architect Gene Kaufman designed an 80-room Hampton Inn for hotelier Sam Chang at 32 Pearl Street. Chang sold the property to Hersha Hospitality Trust, which kept on with the Chang-Kaufman plan. A tipster sends in the above shots and a capsule review: "Interesting they kept the original building from the 40s to build around and on top of it and it seems they're keeping the same lines and proportions, it could actually look like a nice building, at least for a Hampton Inn." Is cautious optimism the right call here? (UPDATE: We misidentified this building as 32 Pearl when it's actually across the street. Curbed regrets the error.) [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?The Wythe Avenue Lofts rental building has been called (okay, by a Curbed tipster) Williamsburg's Blandest New Building, but at least 20 people found something to like about the place, because it's fully leased! Prices started at $2,887/month for 1BRs and $5,101/month for 3BRs. The commercial space is going to jewelry and home goods designer Caitlin Mocuin. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Wythe Avenue Lofts

224 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY