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Williamsburg Nondo 111 Kent Up for Grabs Again

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Maybe we can start calling it a comeback. Williamsburg building 111 Kent got off to a rough start, going up and then going missing. There was a twist in the story when the condo building changed hands for $23.6 million, selling to Largo Investments and Laurence Gluck's Stellar Management. The developers promised to finish the building and bring it back to market as (surprise!) a rental. And so they did. According to Crain's, in fact, all but two of the units have been rented. And now Stellar Management is ready to sell the whole building. It's on the market with Studley, with no asking price. Will Gluck be able to pull off a successful flip here? Predictions on the final sale price in comments, if you please.
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111 Kent Avenue

111 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211