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Governor's Island Plans Get Unanimous Green Light from LPC

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The LPC voted unanimously to approve plans for alterations within Governor's Island Historic District that include new lighting, landscaping, signage, and a new arrival pier. All are components of a $300 million makeover of the island that will continue through 2012 with an expected completion date in October 2013. Until then, Governor's Island will only be open on weekends. The LPC-approved plans feature a new entranceway at Soissons Landing with view-through guide signs designed by Pentagram. As described in The Architect's Newspaper, a new terrace in front of Liggett Hall designed by West 8 includes a swirling pattern of plantings and fountains where people can relax and children can play. Hammock Grove consists of trees planted optimally to serve as hammock anchors. Pre-formed concrete curbs will undulate from one area of the island to the next, transitioning from just curbs to to benches where people can sit. Public lighting designs by Suzan Tillotson will illuminate Liggett Hall at night and West 8 has designe 12-foot-high lamp posts shaped like Calla lillies that will use 40 watt bulbs to light pathways.
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