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UES Mansion Returns to Market in Revolving Door Saga

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A townhouse with a revolving door market history is back up on the block after an eight month hiatus. In the midst of 2008's financial meltdown, Jeff Urwin, the head of investment banking at former investment bank Bear Stearns, put his five floor, 5BR townhouse on the market for $32.75 million. As Bear Stearns teetered into oblivion (and was purchased by JP Morgan Chase), the property's market status mirrored general financial industry turbulence. According to a 2009 piece in the Observer, 15 East 80th Street "was listed in mid-February, taken off the market that month, put back on in March, taken off again in May, but re-listed that same month." In July 2009, the home was pricechopped to $26 million. Since then, Urwin de-listed the Beaux-Arts beauty in November 2010, put it back on the market a month later, and then yanked it again in June 2011. Four years after the initial listing at $32.75 million, Urwin is relisting his Upper East Side mansion, at the still-chopped price of $26 million.
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15 East 80th Street, New York, NY