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Big Reveal: a 3BR Duplex in Brooklyn Heights

Guesses this week ranged from $989,990 to $2.2 million, but there was a tight cluster of close bids that pushed the median guess to $1.475 million?very close to the correct asking price of $1.5 million for the top unit of 78 State Street in Brooklyn Heights. High on your list of likes for this property was the amount of light available through the skylights and the neighborhood. But the top floor giveth and the roofline taketh away. A lot were put off by the pitch to the ceilings: "From the picture, it appears wonka-esque and you'd have to be Snooki sized to use the outer 5 feet of floor space so you are stuck with a random living area in the middle of the floor plan with unusable sides." Others debated this point. Altogether, a good Pricespotting performance this week!
· 78 State Street, 3 [PDE]
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78 State St, Brooklyn, NY

78 State Street, Brooklyn, NY