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Making Noise Against Noise in FiDi; No Longer Empty in Bronx

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FIDI/BATTERY PARK CITY?The downside of booming development in FiDi is the increase in construction noise, which has some residents beside themselves. Facebook group John Street Noise was formed to rally people before the city and their community board to keep some quiet on the street. According to info on the Facebook page, 39 people have RSVP'd to the next Community Board meeting. [CurbedWire; previously]

BRONX?Arts group No Longer Empty will breathe new life into the Andrew Freedman Home on Grand Concourse in the Bronx. Once a retirement home for former wealthy people who had fallen on hard times, the Freedman Home is currently lacking in purpose matching its grand scale.

No Longer Empty (NLE) transforms vacant spaces into professionally
curated art exhibitions with accompanying cultural and educational events. Our upcoming project "This Side of Paradise" presents a rare and unique
story within the Bronx community and its arts scene. This Side of Paradise will be presented in the 3,000 sq. ft. Princess Room, the library, the billiards room and 15 of 123 bedrooms. Public events will take place in the former Grand Ballroom and some artists will use the Kitchen. While drawing on the quirky history of the Home, This Side of Paradise will encourage the 29 participating artists – emerging and established, local and international - to reference the past in a context relevant to the present-day realities of The Bronx.

The project will run from April 4th through June 5th. [CurbedWire; previously]