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Big Reveal: a Gold Coast Loft with Five Windows

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To say that there was consensus among Pricespotter guessers this week would be an understatement. The median value of the guesses landed at $500,000?more than 30% below the current actual ask of $740,000 for 480 square feet on the 10th floor. No Pricespotter contestant guessed more than $740K. There were a few major sticking points. Primarily it was the amount of space, which commenters had a lot of trouble swallowing at a reported 480 square feet. Maybe those walk-in closets are bigger than they look on the floor plan. Also, the relative pricing within the building seemed out of whack to at least one commenter who wrote, "There's another studio for rent in the same building asking $2200/month. Suffice it to say, the owners of the studio for sale of utterly, unquestionably FAILed." Thanks for playing!
· 26 East 63rd Street - Apt: 10D [Corcoran]
· Pricespotter [CurbedNY]