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$20M Duplex PH Competition Grows Horns on North Moore

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The sprawling, 6,900-square-foot duplex penthouse at 39 North Moore Street came on the market two weeks ago with an astounding price tag of $21.5M. Now, down the block at 31 North Moore, another duplex penthouse, this one also with more than 6,000 square feet, has just been listed for a smidge less: $18M. Currently divided into two apartments, the newcomer would require some pricey rejiggering to become one seamless space, so with a few million in renovation costs factored in, these two are neck-and-neck. Right now, the most notable difference between the two is that 31 North Moore has some odd—paper maché?—faux animal heads hanging out in the living room. Oh and this place just might be across the hall from thespian Nathan Lane's loft.
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