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Cavernous Depot in Sunset Park is Brooklyn's Army Legacy

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If it seems like the Brooklyn Navy Yard gets all the press, that's probably because it's got that up-and-coming north Brooklyn location with the views of Manhattan across the East River. But the Brooklyn Army Terminal is the real show stopper when it comes to dramatic architecture. Film scout and urban explorer Nick Carr recently got inside Building B at the BAT in Sunset Park, an absolute colossal building on the Brooklyn waterfront just northeast of the Verrazanno Bridge. Built in 1918, it may be the most utilitarian five million square feet its architect Cass Gilbert ever designed. And to Gilbert's credit, it remains a beautiful building—the interior lit by what was once a glass-and-steel canopy over a massive atrium. Three million troops passed through the building, shipped off to deployments around the world on trains stopped at platforms on the building's ground floor. New York City purchased the building in 1981 and it is currently used as offices and a light manufacturing space.
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