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Vote for the Best Bodega in New York City

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It wouldn't be bodega week if we didn't attempt to identify the best bodega in New York City. Last week we asked for your nominations, and this week a group of reader-submitted bodegas will face off each day until Thursday. The finals will be held on Friday. The first set of Best Bodega contenders:

Sunny & Annie's
A few readers nominated this bodega on Sixth Street and Avenue B. Some for the food and some for the odd layout?the building has an owner's triplex on top with an impressive terrace. One tipster writes, "I've done my grocery shopping here on more than a dozen occasions, and I've never opened up a box to find weevils in my cereal, or taken a bite of fruit that was spoiled. More than I can say for a lot of other places. Their coffee is decent, they have pre-chopped fruits and veggies if you're too lazy to do it yourself, and they have a little flower shop outside for when you're feeling saucy. When I was a bartender, I would get home at 4AM, call them up, order an avocado sandwich (no onions), a pint of non-fat milk, carrot & celery sticks, 4 containers of yogurt, a pack of parliaments and a 12-pack of coors light. It would be delivered to me within 20 minutes."
Joe's Busy Corner in Williamsburg
Described by one tipster as the "best bodega ever," but we'll leave that up to reader vote.

The bodega at the corner of Meeker, Morgan, and Driggs avenues in Greenpoint
The submitter of this nomination writes, "My favorite bodega is located at the corner of Meeker, Morgan and Driggs avenues in Greenpoint, two blocks away from my apartment. It's run by a family?and they're really nice people. The son is very friendly -- he knows everyone in the neighborhood, and people are always coming in to buy stuff and chat with him. One time I was short a couple dollars, and he let me take the beer on good faith that I'd give him the money next time. They always have the best selection of Ben & Jerry's too."

Mexico 2000, 367 Broadway, South Williamsburg
From the nomination: "Best use of masa outside of Empellon."

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