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Is This a Bodega?: Space Market on 62nd Street and First Ave.

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Bodegas are like porn, you know one when you see it. Yet some stores defy easy classification and straddle certain lines that define conventional expectations of what makes a bodega. Here now, we ask you whether a particular store can call itself a bodega?

Space Market on the corner of 62nd Street and First Avenue opened in 2010 and shares the neighborhood with a number of convenience stores. What makes us question its bodegauthenticity? Well, the selection of produce is fairly high quality, as are the plants and flowers available outside. The coffee station is self-serve and features more flavors than just black and decaf. There are gourmet cheeses in the open refrigerator case. And Space Market doesn't sell lotto tickets. In the bodega-yes column Space Market has a legitimate deli counter that serves Boar's Head, and the store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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