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Thanks to Bono, Courtney Love Now Renting at 285 Lafayette

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Ever since Courtney Love moved out of her $27,000/month West Village townhouse rental following an eviction fight (even though she won), we've been wondering where she'd go next. The Daily News has the answer, or at least an educated guess. Love told the paper she's moved into "the Lafayette building" where Ian Schrager used to live, which the Daily News translates as 285 Lafayette. Instead of a credit check to get into the building, Love had to provide a character reference?and she got one from Bono. Since moving in, she's gotten only one noise complaint from the neighbors, for playing back recordings loudly too late at night.
Love doesn't give any details about the unit she moved into, but we see only one recent rental on StreetEasy, for a 1BR, 1.5BA asking $25,000/month. Which would be right in line with Love's apparent rental budget. Here's the floorplan:

And here's the interior. Does it seem like Love's kind of place?

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285 Lafayette Street

285 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012

285 Lafayette

285 Lafayette Street, New York, NY