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Architectural Craziness: What If Bodegas Offered Daycare?

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The architects at SO-IL designed the P.S. 1 contest-winning "Pole Dance," a sukkah for Sukkah City, a vision for NYC in 2040?and now, a bodega of the future. We asked SO-IL to join a few other architects in envisioning the future of the bodega, and they suggested Bo-daycare, rendered above.

SO-IL tells us why we need Bo-daycare:

It is saddening to see the bodega being pushed out of Brooklyn neighborhoods as large national food chains move in. We are not advocating for keeping the local offerings to Advil, cigarettes and candy?but there is an incredible luxury to being able to run out at 2:00am to get a banana or carton of milk. To curb this disappearance we propose that the bodega expands its services catering to families making more conscious food choices: a 24 hr day care, where you can leave your kid even just for a few minutes, would be a new way forward. Readers: got another alternate bodega concept? Tell us in comments.
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