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Last Sponsor Unit at 995 Fifth Markets with Eye-Popping Plan

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The last sponsor unit at the Rosario Candela-designed Stanhope hotel conversion, that's 995 Fifth Avenue, has just hit the market, with a sky-high asking price of $30M and nothing more than a stunning floor plan to make its case to super-wealthy potential buyers. Occupying the entirety of the 16th floor, this 8,300-square-foot flat knocks out the remaining in-building competition, two units that are both half the space and less than half the price. Of course, with no board approval, this might appeal to deep-pocketed foreign buyers who have trouble negotiating Fifth Avenue's picky co-op boards, but any egotistical millionaire would be well served by the place. Just knowing that your master suite, on Fifth Ave no less, is larger than most Manhattan apartments might be worth $30M (and a few buckets).
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995 Fifth Avenue

995 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY